On Thursday, my travel buddy Jia Yee and I fought hard and fought well for FOUR hours to get return tickets between Osaka and Fukuoka on sale :) 

Peach, a new domestic LCC under ANA, would be starting their maiden flight in March this year - just in time for my travels in Japan! So they had sales for their two maiden routes - Osaka to Fukuoka and Osaka to Sapporo - on Thursday and Friday. Each ticket one-way costs only 250 yen (SGD 4.10), and baggage another 1050 yen add on. Needless to say, servers were jammed, Jia Yee and I used multiple browsers from Firefox to IE to Chrome, and by the end of the entire 4 hours, I could key in the flight information with my eyes closed.

But it was worth it. Our traveling expense from Osaka to Fukuoka and back is only SGD 25 :) About 10 times cheaper compared to taking the Shinkansen!

Can’t say I’m not overjoyed!! Kyushu, here I come!